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Every once in a while a company comes along which is more a labor of love than a company. A company where the passion comes shining through and the joy of the business itself comes from the ability to interact with customers who share the same love as the employees. Classic Auto Sound is just such a company. We started this company 20 years ago and have enjoyed each and every day that allows me to do what I love to do, work with classic cars. We are a group who have been fortunate enough to be able to merge the two things we love to do (classic cars and audio) and make a good living doing it.

One addage which has proven itself true here at Classic Auto Sound again and again, and that is "What Comes Around Goes Around". We have been lucky to be able to call a fantastic group of people customers and we have learned first hand that people respond to good ole fashion knowledge and honesty. Anyone who contacts Classic Auto Sound will be treated as a friend and given first class service. They will gain the benefit of over 30 years of collective classic car audio knowledge and will be offered fair prices and prompt shipping. Should any problems arise we promise to address the situation and resolve any issues in a quick and professional manor.

My name is Dallas and I am the owner of Classic Auto Sound. Be assured that any dealings with us will handled with the utmost care and professionalism. A company doesn't have the luxury of doing business in good standing for 20 years unless they keep number one in mind - their customers. You will like dealing with Classic Auto Sound. I will make sure of it.

Dallas Richardson
Owner - Classic Auto Sound


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